Compose and Aleyant just had a joint session to present Pressero Web2Print integrated with Compose QuickFit4Print to show you how you can save time and cost in production.

Our August 30th webinar is hosted by Jeff Protheroe, Aleyant's Vice-President of Sales for Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, along with Greg Chan, Compose's Sales and Marketing Manager and Ken Lai, Compose’s Technical Director. Together they demonstrated how Pressero users with Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator™ (AWI) can integrate with Compose's Ganging Module, QuickFit4Print, to realize cost and time-savings, especially in offset environments.

Compose’s QuickFit4Print is a powerful intelligent multiple jobs ganging solution that is designed to handle print jobs of different sizes and print runs automatically; it can determine their optimal imposition layout for a predefined plate size or in the case of digital presses, a predefined paper size. QuickFit can streamline your production and provide labor and material cost savings.



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