Cluster Printing

Cluster Printing

Compose always has a great interest to provide different productivity solutions to our customers. We have a cluster printing solution called Express PrintShop, which will network a collective printers together through IP addresses. Express PrintShop is a by-product of our famous Express Workflow, a back bone of our print solutions.

Express PrintShop is an open, productive, saleable and affordable on-demand printing solution in the market. As a professional workflow system, Express PrintShop is able to connect multiple network printers through a single RIP controller, to create high-impact color reports, presentations, mailers, banners, labels, and various types of printed business communications.

Instead of printing to one printer, it will allow user to split a job and load balance it between multiple printers, or load balance between multiple printers for a large print run job. This load balance method will enable customer to meet a tight schedule in shortest possible time.

Express PrintShop handles jobs via hot folders, or directly through Apple talk. It can be connected to your network (PC- or Mac-based) via a 10/100 base-T internal server or an optional wireless network.

Color management is available, ensuring print result is kept consistent between printer to printer.
Compose also provide some auxiliary tools like Imposition for books, variable data printing for Post Cards, to facilitate users to expand their scope of business.

If you have any question on this solution, please contact Compose for further information.

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