Express PrintShop

Express PrintShop is an open, productive, scaleable and aff¬ordable on-demand printing solution in the market. As a professional work flow system, Express PrintShop is able to connect multiple network printers through a single RIP controller, to print high-impact color reports, presentations, mailers, banners, labels, and various types of printed business communications.

Express PrintShop offers unmatched system performance, color accuracy, extensible variable data printing support, and superior workflow management. It is cater to mission critical environments such as newspapers houses, advertisement agencies, output centers, repro houses, and commercial printers.


Advanced WorkFlow Management

The development of Express PrintShop is originated from high-end prepress workflow management tools - Express WorkFlow. Express Printshop combines all the practical functionality, with ease of use, tight integration and smooth data delivery between all features in your job environment. Express Printshop optimizes and automates your
production process and ensures data integrity.

High Performance Engine

The core of Express PrintShop server is the Ultra-fast Harlequin-based Express RIP. Compose’s Express RIP offers a high degree of productivity combining speed and flexibility, with a rich set of features, the Express RIP uses open standards that improve functionality for on demand printing. It can handle a wide range of file formats, including PostScript, PDF, EPS, PCL and 1-bit TIFF. Jobs can also be submitted via hot folders, or directly through Apple Talk, enabling users to work in network environment.

Cluster Printing

Express PrintShop cluster printing feature lets you spread your output across a group of printers automatically. This feature dramatically increases printing speed and achieves maximum throughput of large print jobs across multiple printers.

Load Balancing

Express PrintShop load balance feature allows user to share jobs between connected printers. It dramatically reduces print time and eliminates bottlenecks ensuring highest productivity.

Fault Tolerance

If at any time, the printer is found out of paper or at fault, the job diversion feature will divert your job to other printers automatically. This feature prevents your production to slow down from any printer’s faults.

Easy Job Handling

Express PrintShop handles jobs via hot folders, or directly through Apple talk. It can be connected to your network (PC- or Mac-based) via a 10/100 base-T internal server or an optional wireless network. It also features high-speed USB v2.0 and parallel interfaces.

Excellent Color Stability and Accuracy
Using Harlequin Color profiling technology, Express PrintShop provides excellent color control, gives accurate, consistent and predictable color reproduction.

Express PrintShop

Support wide range of Input formats:
- PostScripts® Level 3,2,1
- Adobe® PDF 1.7, 1.6, 1.5,...
- XPS 1.0, HD Photo
- 1 Bit Tiff , 8 Bit Tiff , TIFF-IT
- DCS, DCS 2
- TIFF 6, TIFF/IP-P1 (Optional)

Top quality and performance:
- Harlequin® PostScript® Level 3 RIP
- Harlequin® ColorPro ICC Processor
- Booklet Printing
- Cluster Printing
- Fault Tolerance
- Real Time Device Monitor
- Advanced Job Management
- Variable Data Printing (Optional)

Features and Benefits

Easy Configuration

Express PrintShop lets you set up complex workflows in just a few minutes.
Each module is represented by an icon in the toolbar and with a single click can be
positioned and connected to other modules easily.

PDF Backup (Optional)

PDF backup module lets users to save a copy of their job or post processed jobs
into the print server.

Variable Data Printing (Optional)

Incorporated with Velocity – Compose own VDP engine , Express PrintShop offers the most economic, quick and easy personalized printing solution. Velocity enables user to create labels and from any application integrated with variable elements, then output connecting high performance Digital Color Printer with accurate and consistent color reproduction. It can greatly shorten the printing process, increase your productivity, and makes variable printing to an one-step process.

Booklet Printing

The intuitive feature enables on demand book printers to produce professional booklets with minimal fuss. Express PrintShop EasyBook module gives you eight different booklet styles, including perfect-bind, saddle-stitched, cut-and-stack, step-and-repeat, simple page pairing, fill sheet, desktop calendar and wall calendar styles. It allows user to do professional booklet and increases the productivity by cutting the print run in half.

Real Time Dashboard

Express PrintShop provides the user a real time check on the consumable usage and device status information in each of their output machines. Through the status monitor, user will know the ink level, cassette paper sizes and paper level, installed accessories like stapler, as well as printer messages. Users will have a better understanding on their production machine without loading other application. If one machine is down, users will know what the problem is and act accordingly to minimize the down time

Advanced Job Management

In a demanding print environment, Express PrintShop offers a powerful management tools to re-prioritize and manage jobs in your system. The advanced queue management tools eliminate bottlenecks and minimize downtime, resulting in higher productivity and profitability.

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