Di Proof (1 Bit)

DI Proof (1 bit)

Di Proof

DI proof or Data Integral Proof was created in the days when 1 bit tiff workflow is popular. It is a ROOM module that we take CMYK separation in 1 bit format, from any resolution that the RIP generates and down sample to produce a lower resolution contone file. This contone file can be color managed to look the same with its original.

If the original is a higher resolution file, you can create proofs which partially reproduces the dot patterns of the original separations making it possible to check the rosettes pattern on the proof. Compose offers this to go with our 1 bit imposition or plateController product to provide a fast and accurate proofing to customers.

Features & Benefits

DI Proof is a high-speed proofing engine which down samples and color managed for color proofing on large format inkjet plotters or color laser printers, or for soft-proofing.

Support wide range of 1-bit input formats

Support 1-bit TIFF from all major RIPs and workflow vendors, Harlequin Page Buffers, and Compose NetFlow Raster files format.

Accurate color management tools

The converted file can be color managed with a ICC profile to match the output with any media and ink. It is ideal for reproducing proofs or recreating a print file for output on a lower resolution machine.

Flexible output formats

DI Proof generates output directly to the printer using Raster Print Station. DI Proof is also able to output contone files to external proofing applications. DI Proof can down sample to lower resolution in PDF format for forwarding or uploading to FTP servers for soft-proofing by customers.


DI Proof integrates seamlessly with Compose’s Express WorkFlow or Express ColorFlow. It can also integrate with any of the popular output devices whether it is Inkjet or toner based machine.

Highlights on Software features

Powerful down sample features, support down sampling to:
CMYK Contone PDF and TIFF files for re-ripping to output device
Direct output from Raster Print Station
Output to Windows printers
Low resolution contone PDF files for soft-proofing
Support for progressive proofing for Windows Printers.
Two user selectable down sampling modes: Higher Quality or Higher Speed
Convert Pantone Colors to CMYK
Windows ICC Color Management
Remove unwanted separation using separation filter
Correct mirrored or negated 1-bit files for proofing
Correct calibrated 1-bit TIFF to linearized contone raster
Import and reverse the effects of all Harlequin calibration and correction curves

Expanded Functionalities

DI Proof is part of Express WorkFlow or Express ColorFlow.
PostScript/PDF Support is available through working with Express RIP

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