icon expressrip v1Compose Express RIP is the OEM version of Harlequin Scriptwork RIP, it provides exceptionally fast and efficient rendering for high-volume printing. Easy to integrate into your workflow it is proven to be the fastest renderer available, with no compromise on quality, enabling you to achieve rated engine speed with less processing power. And it makes it possible for you to minimize the hardware and development costs of for your frontend, shorten development cycles and get your printed matter to market quicker.

Harlequin RIP is reputedly the fastest RIP engine in the market, it recent years it keeps up to date with the hardware market, with improvement such as multi-threaded RIP to make it run even faster, providing benefit in printing variable data and keeping up with the high speed digital printers in the market. It can process Postscript natively making it superfast in handling transparency, and because it can process XPS, it can handle Microsoft document better than anyone else. Today, we like to introduce two key features, TrapPro and ColorPro, which helped us putting a foot in the digital market as we are just better than the competitors.

Harlequin Provides Precision screening as standard with Express RIP, as more and more people are interested on Digital printing with Ink Jet and High resolution output on CTP, there are two screening technologies being offered here which has significant importance, one is Harlequin Dispersed Screening (HDS), another is Harlequin Cross-Modulated Screening (HXM)


When printing color proofs, large format posters or composites that demand top quality color reproduction, choosing a PostScript RIP is as important as choosing the color printer itself. ColorExpress from Compose is the ideal RIP for digital color printing. Based around the high performance Express RIP, ColorExpress offers interfaces for all popular large format inkjet printers and A3+ laser printers.

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