Gang Run Printing

Gang Run Printing

With the printing industry so competitive these days, Compose is most concerned to provide a productivity and ease to use solution. For several years now we have a Ganging solution, called Quickfit which allows operator to gang jobs automatically, taking into consideration on substrate being printed, as well as different print quantity . It allows operator to preview on screen how it is ganged together, and show the optimum calculation before a decision is made.

Quickfit is designed to work with different front end system, including the famous web to print solution “Pressero” and other MIS systems, there is a well-documented interface specification which allows third party integration to be developed painlessly.

Extending from Quickfit we also offer a solution for greeting card printing, offering customer to gang jobs together with different layers for different finishing requirement.
For gang printing on irregular shapes, we have a solution called Phoenix which can gang jobs based on diffident die cutting lines, such as boxes and greeting cards.

Compose also offer solution to pre-flight on jobs that is intended for die-cutting or folding. It will check for close loop or crease line, making sure it will meet the minimum requirement. To examine the box whether it is correctly folded, the box will be shown in a 3D modeling, showing the design and how it looks like before it is released into production.

If you have any question on this solution, please contact Compose Systems for further information.

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