Imposition is an integral part of any commercial printing process. Compose has a popular workflow solution EWF which can accept pdf or 1 bit tiff file format throughout the different stages of the production. As a result we have imposition for pdf and 1 bit tiff on offer to help printers to get on top of their printing process.

The process of preparing imposition layout is quite similar between pdf and 1 bit tiff module, the difference is on the ganging process which luckily has never been an issue to Compose over the years.  Other than the book imposition, compose also has the Plate Controller which allow operator to randomly place jobs on a plate holder, speeding up the process of grouping jobs together for front and back to minimize wastage. In recent years, we have Quickfit which also based on the similar idea, automatically gang jobs coming in from the online store, having the customer specify the paper and quantity, we will automatically calculate the best optimization base on media, quantity, and paper size for optimization. This train of thoughts leads us into offering different solutions such as ganging for brochures, and also ganging for greeting cards, labels, and variable data credit cards.Signature

Imposition is a digital solution specifically designed for digital workflows. By imposing jobs in a digital format without any intermediate steps in between, it is a much faster and more reliable process than any solutions for production of books, brochures, magazines and even for Newspaper. It can provide digital proofing by inkjet, or in a web browser format, making proofing much easier. By having it proofed before printing, it will reduce error by careless mistakes.

Since PDF file format becomes a de-facto standard in the printing industry, we will keep referring our imposition as Pdf Imposition, the latest is on version 5 being released now.

Features & Benefits

Workflow system compatible

design to be JTF support PDF Imposition is a powerful imposition solution that operates within Compose Express WorkFlow environments; it can also be integrated with most third party workflow systems that accept PDF as input format. PDF Imposition offers commercial printing industry an accurate and efficient way to build impositions.

Easy to operate

PDF Imposition handles PDF files in both single-page and multi-page formats allowing users to impose pages for saddle stitch and perfect bound books. PDF Imposition will colorise input pages to signify different signatures and allow additional or replacement pages to be placed with ease. Blank pages can be inserted to reserve space for last minute page insertion.

User definable crop marks and labels

PDF Imposition comes with a series of standard crop marks, folding marks and registration marks. In addition, users can define their own marks for convenience. Color bars and customised color markers can be created and placed on the signature sheet with a single click of the mouse. The calibration bar can also be self-generated to ensure accuracy.

Efficient system management functions

Efficient system management with Impose-While-Print function to enhance the overall throughput dramatically - this allows an imposition to be generated while another is being printed. Effective Output Queue Management tools to manage and monitor output priority - users can elect to process high-priority jobs before lower-priority jobs.

Set up for Page Creeping Set up for marks

Setting up Left Margin

Interactive signature preview

Imposed signature can be previewed at any time to help users to check for errors and to make last minute changes to imposition template. When placing pages into a signature, all pages can be viewed in thumbnail form or as completed imposed signature in real-time.

Multiple imposition schemes handling

PDF Imposition can handle multiple imposition schemes in a variety of work styles for the same job. It supports single or multiple signatures to enable imposition jobs to be processed quickly. Imposition schemes can be processed using either Easy or Advanced Configuration method: Easy Configuration provides a simple method to impose standard jobs and Advanced Configuration imposes complicated imposition setting using any number of user-defined signatures.

Software Details


  • Automatic page sequencing
  • Easy-to-use tools to create & save custom imposition templates
  • Preview imposition on-screen prior to output
  • Easy configuration of complex imposition schemes
  • Create desired crop marks using the Marks Editor
  • Manage Colour Bars with ease using the Colour Bar Manager
  • Simple flatwork functions for ganging jobs for single-sided or double-sided printing
  • Pre-defined templates supplied for single-sided and double-sided printing
  • Support PDF file versions from 1.3 up to 1.6


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