Express InkScript is a comprehensive solution for ink key presetting. It reads 1-bit tiff file from RIPs, analyzes and generates CIP3 files for the ink control unit. It can also read CIP3 data files in from selected front end system, ready for the ink control unit to set the ink key value on the press.

new printing press 2From the 1-bit tiff file, it calculates the ink density and output in PDF file or print out on Laser printers for users to base on the hard copy to preset their presses. There is a server-client option which is most flexible for ink key presetting in a multiple presses environment. Together with InkScript Connect or InkScript Connect Loop option, accurate ink key value is delivered to match with customer’s press characteristics during production. It works with wide range of printing consoles. InkScript enhances your press productivity by shortening the setup times, reducing paper and ink wastage, and turning your press tightly integrated with modern production system.

Ink-key Presetting improves productivity

Presetting your presses is one of the most important aspects of the digital prepress workflow. To accurately preset your press hence save valuable setup time, and reduce wastage, resulting in cost saving and increase productivity. InkScript reads CIP3 files or 1-bit files generated from Express RIP, analyses the data, and generates a CIP3 files together with other ink key control files to your press computer directly. InkScript also generates ink density in PDF file format or print it out on Laser printer which press operators can preset their presses manually.

InkScrpt Server Workflow LPresetting your presses usually means adding a press computer which read CIP3 files. Most printers with older presses do not have Ink Control unit, and their only choice is to set all the ink value by hand. Now with InkScript Connect and InkScript Connect Loop option, your Ink Control unit can now become an online unit to the front end system, receiving CIP3 data automatically. InkScript communicates with most common Ink Control unit directly and turns your presses into a modern production workflow.

The InkScript Connect Loop even enables the automatic measurement to read the color bar on the printed sheet, returns the reading back to the press with a correct re-adjusted value, this continuous transmission of computed correction value directly to presses is called closed loop process.


• Save press setup time
• Reduce the amount of paper and ink wastage
• Faster and safer than hardware plate scanner
• Generate CIP3 PPF using 1-bit digital file
• Export ink density value in PDF and windows printer output
• Support Express RIP option for PS, PDF, and EPS input
• Support IS Connect option for online ink key presetting
• connect printing machines from nearly all manufacturers
• replace Heidelberg/MAN Roland’s interface card
• replace magnetic strip readers by safety data transmission
• enable calibration on ink linearization and ink duct values
• user friendly, run on windows platform
• Tightly integrate with Express WorkFlow

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Generate Production ready Ink Duct Data

Express InkScript is a comprehensive tool to generate Ink Duct data. It reads 1 bit raster data from Express RIP or Express workflow to generate ink coverage information or CIP3 data files for presetting your presses.

Wide Range of Input Formats

Express InkScript reads CIP3 and screened files generated by most major RIP vendors, including 1-bit TIFF (CCITT G4, Packbits, LZW compression) and Compose Netflow Raster formats. Support direct PostScript, PDF, and EPS files input with Express RIP option.

Export CIP3 PPF file for Modern Presses

Express InkScript can also generate CIP3 PPF files (support v2.0, v2.1 and v3.0, Binary and ASCII encoding; Forward, Reverse and Harlequin Extent alignment scheme) for all printing machine consoles using CIP3 data as input format can also be connected to InkScript.

Easy Job Handling

Express InkScript provides a powerful tool for job handling, included:

• Job centering or off-centering on paper or plate
• Job rotation by 90, 180 and 270 degrees
• Adjusting first and last zones with different zone width
• Zone calculation from Left-to-Right/Top-to-Bottom or Reverse
• Default minimum ink level for ink ducts
• One or a combination of output formats for the same job
• Crop off plate control strip from input file to avoid its influence on the final ink density

Express InkScript Server

Express InkScript Server

Express InkScript Server is a server based product which allows ink key values to be calculated according to the press configuration on the network.

The server workflow is sitting next to pre-press workflow or in front of the production manager who instructs which job is printed by which press. The production manager can also include job information, like which media and what ink is to be used, number of copies to be printed, etc, to the press operator who is manning the press.

Express InkScript Client is installed to the ink control unit of the Press. Press operator reads ink key values on screen to preset his press. It also generates CIP3 or ink control data for ink presetting.

With the Visual Proof soft-proofing option activated, you can compare your output with digital proof on screen. The database runs behind the Express InkScript Server will maintain a record of all the jobs being placed with different Presses, this will enable customer to generate a production report for a tighter production control for the future.