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Compose is glad to offer a brand new method for packaging boxes, called Phoenix. It is a solution designed to step and repeat on irregular shapes, a process to show how the objects can be grouped together in a most optimized way. It is ideal for boxes, Bottles and complex greeting cards.

Not only it can find a best method to gang various jobs together, it is also taking into account on the print quantity to show how a best solution can be found to meet the order requirement. It is fully automatic and easy to use by any operators.

Phoenix can be integrated with most front end MIS solution on Job input, as long as they can export XML job ticket information. Saving the tedious work to input the job data again.

Veripak3D is another solution designed for streamline Box production or products which require die cutting. For die cutting, it will identify whether the die lines have been optimised, if not it will automatically improve the bezier curve.  


In addition, we also offer a 3D solution which we can display the designed box in 3D simulation, allowing designer to preview the object and confirm everything is correct before printing.

Accurate color and trapping is available from Compose Express RIP, making sure color is always consistent from batch to batch. Compose also offers a tool called Spot Matcher for operator to find the correct Spot Color by visual and iteration method.


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