Packaging Printing

Packaging Printing

Compose offers printing of Hang Tags through the popular demand from customers. We take on the challenge from processing the orders received from print Buyers first. Try automatically clean up all the irregularities on the order sheet before starting to engaging production. It will highlight or raise questions on any ambiguity found on the order sheet, such as spelling mistakes and abnormal quantities, etc. It is better to go through this clean up before moving to the production stage, where wastage may result for any unnecessary error.

Compose also provides a layout tool for building the Hang Tag with variable data element in place. This variable data engine – Velocity is used to design the tags, adding all the variable element according to the design. This process will help to speed up production as well as avoiding any error from working on the labels one by one.

The next stage will be the optimization process which tags will be calculated base on the printer’s preferred choices. whether it is better to optimise on the printing substrate, or number of plates. Software can also try different sizes of media available, presenting a list of best options to choose.

We also have options for customer to choose for digital printing or offset printing. Once customer makes a decision as which way they prefer, within seconds, the optimum solution is worked out, report printed for the produciton people to follow. A High res file is created for making plates, while a Low res file is also produced containing packing information to go with the jobs to the finishing department. A report on how to pack is also provided to make sure Packer will not make mistakes when packing for delivery.

Compose Tag Engine is a highly automated process with great saving on time and material, it is a well thought out, meeting most of the day to day production by most demanding label designers.

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