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Handle all of your PDF needs in a single application

  • Support for all PDF standards, both from international standard organizations and from national user associations
  • Covers quality control, result reporting, PDF fixing and many other PDF manipulations (generating PDF from office files, conversion from and to PostScript and EPS, imposition and much more)
  • Provides the freedom to work inside of Adobe Acrobat or as a standalone application (without requiring Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to be installed)

pdfToolBox Speed up the way you work with PDF documents

  • Identify PDF problems quickly through preflight with customizable profiles
  • Further qualify production problems by using the visualizer; judge problems such as total ink coverage, image resolution and separations in a single glance
  • Apply pre-configured fixes to solve problems immediately
  • Create lists of corrections and checks to be executed in a single click
  • Batch process folders with up to 100 PDF documents

Unparalleled ease-of-use

  • Intuitive user interface providing functionality at different levels of complexity to support every type of user
  • Smartphone alike user interface (the Switchboard) with low entrance level functionality neatly grouped by functionality
  • A workspace area you can customize to contain all features you frequently use
  • Tons of predefined preflight profiles, checks and fixes with the ability to customize what is there or to create your own

Capture Layers

Reduce PDF related costs

  • Detect errors early with industry standard quality control, fully supporting PDF standards and specifications and used by major companies such as Adobe and Quark
  • Fix common PDF problems automatically to improve turn-around and increase the relationship with clients
  • Use electronic signatures to protect PDF documents and track errors throughout the workflow
  • Repurpose PDF documents when workflow needs or customer needs change



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