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Key Features


The best PDF quality control on the planet

  • Full support for all ISO PDF standards: PDF/X, PDF/A, PDF/VT and PDF/E
  • Full support for specifications from industry associations such as the Ghent Workgroup and PDF/X-Ready
  • Reporting of problems through different types of predefined PDF reports
  • Customizable PDF reports based on HTML templates for maximum adjustment to your brand and users (including easy adaptation of colors, layout, icons and logos and textual content)
  • Interactive identification of problem objects after preflight

Don’t just report problems – fix them

  • Many instant fixes for common PDF problems
  • Run fixes individually or build them into preflight profiles
  • Secured fixing by using PDF comparison technology; easily identify when a fix causes visual differences
  • Build process plans: customizable lists of fixes that can be executed on PDF documents conditionally
  • Fix broken documents by re-distilling (generating PostScript and distilling back into PDF) or by rasterizing each page

pdfToolBox Prepress

Customize quality control and fixing

  • Insert variables into checks or fixes
  • Modify values for variables whenever run in pdfToolbox Desktop
  • Decide on the fly whether checks or fixes need to be run for a specific document

More than fixes – PDF actions

  • Convert office documents, images and PostScript / EPS files into good PDF documents with simple drag-and-drop
  • Save images for each page of a PDF documents (can be used to generate preview images or high resolution TIFF files for production)
  • Generate PostScript or EPS files from PDF documents
  • Perform simple impositioning tasks (creating a booklet, doing a step-and-repeat…) or create complete impositioning templates
  • Prepare professional looking handouts and presentations for on-screen and printed delivery
  • Scale, move, extend, rotate and flip pages and content
  • Change page size to what is visible on the page
  • Add printer marks based on the trim and bleed-box
  • Detect printer marks in PDF documents and fix the trim and bleed-box accordingly
  • Flatten transparency to support older workflows / devices
  • Work with PDF documents containing layers (option content)
  • Embed and/or subset fonts, outline fonts if necessary
  • Change image compression
  • Sharpen images in your PDF documents

pdfToolBox colors

Professional color management without the hassle

  • Convert PDF documents using ICC profiles; wizard takes the guessing out of the job
  • Use your DeviceLink profiles for color conversion, TAC reduction or ink saving
  • Use DeviceLink pack (payable option) for smooth CMYK to CMYK conversion
  • Convert all spot colors to CMYK
  • Modify individual spot colors in a PDF document (change names, modify alternate color space and values, remap to another spot color or process color or convert to CMYK)
  • Quickly convert PDF documents to RGB or gray (with dot-gain compensation)

Get the most out of metadata

  • Provides convenient browsing of document metadata as well as object-level metadata for images embedded inside the document
  • Support for all relevant industry metadata standards including Dublin Core, IPTC, PRISM, GWG AdTicket/AdsML, PLUS, EXIF and Camera Raw
  • Facilitates metadata based researching in Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, Google and AskMetaFilter
  • Supports GPS data for use with Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and Google Earth
  • XML export of all document and object level metadata for tracking image use and licenses

System Requirements

  • Mac: requires MacOS X (Intel), version 10.7 or newer, 64-bit-compliant
  • Windows: requires Windows Server 2008 R2 / 7 / Server 2012 / 8
  • Linux: Distributions with at least GCC 3.4-compatible system libraries are supported. Reference platform is Debian 6 (Squeeze).
  • Solaris SPARC: Solaris 8 (Solaris-Sparc v5.8) or newer - Solaris x86: Solaris 10 (Solaris-Intel v5.10) or newer
  • AIX: AIX 5.3 (oslevel 5300-07) or newer
  • Recommended are at least 2 GB of free storage

callas DeviceLink Add-on (payable option)

callas DeviceLink Add-on enables you to perform conversions via the supplied DeviceLink profiles. More information can be found here.


pdfToolbox Desktop for Mac or Windows costs 499 euros (excluding VAT).

For further inquiries regarding availability, price, options or return on investment, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

A fully functional time-limited trial version can be downloaded from here. 

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