If your printing facility is driven by a CTP system, we can save you time and money. Whether you have sheet-fed, web offset or flexo presses, Compose Plate Controller's  high precision job placement mode allows you to do special jobs such as step-and-repeat and box die-cuts and special shape labels as well as precision alignment for double-sided printing. Plate Controller supports both PDF as well as post-RIP file formats such as 1-bit TIFF, Harlequin PageBuffers and Compose NetFlow Raster files.


  • Special Design for step-and-repeat setup to meet Printing industry requirement
  • Enable for PDF or 1-bit workflow
  • Easy to locate job by Instant preview in job input queue
  • Powerful automatic or manual step-and-repeat features
  • Supports multiple step-and-repeat styles, and
  • Supports both pre-separated and RIP-separated jobs
  • Supports template setup to pre-define placement of job
  • Supports absolute or relative placement
  • Automatic alignment of front and back surfaces
  • Easy job preview in thumbnail, dimension and job name

Features & Benefits

Offset and Flexo Printing

The plate layout functions of Plate Controller are designed for sheetfed offset and flexo printing. User can freely design the plate size, or paper size to make up the layout of their choice. Defined layout can be stored for easy retrieval, making reprint, or re-layout that much easier.

Integration with any Front-end

Plate Controller can be a plugin for the popular Compose Express RIP, it can also be easily integrated into existing Express workflow system too. Most important of all It can also work as a standalone unit working in tandem to most workflow systems in the market.

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