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Remote Director is a solution which you can comfortably rely on its patented technology to give you a color accurate proof at a distance miles away. It also comes with a comprehensive job management solutions which allows you create and share jobs with your own team or with your clients. Better still, it is not just managing files to share, it will allow you to communicate, collaborate and approve the job all at a distance remotely.

The Remote Director technology can be integrated into any third party application to enable high-resolution document collaboration with or without accurate color verification. Our developer portal provides complete access to the SDK, API references, release notes, sample code, and includes tutorials.


main dashboardmain dashboard 2The Viewer is a native browser plug-in providing the ability to open, pan, and zoom high-resolution images within a web browser page, with or without RD's patented color management technology. The viewer contains a compressive annotation and approval engine along with the patented spectral blending engine for viewing up to 24 colors. The floating window provides easy toggling in and out of full screen mode. Menus and tools can be hidden using a genie effect, providing full bezel-to-bezel view of the proofed document.


The Calibrator, also a native browser plug-in, embeds color calibration into web pages or web-based applications. The plug-in allows direct connection to the instrument and monitor, via the manufacturer's SDK. Using our patented L* gamma for calibration sets the LUT’s within the supported displays at their full bit depth. When used with the viewer, the calibration plug-in adds color verification and gamut warning directly in the viewer. 

Calibrated screen and uncalibrated screen is shown below: 

Not Calibrated









  • High-speed panning and zooming for up to nine images at the same time
  • Roles and Permissions engine controls user's requirements and interface
  • Secure annotations and approval tools
  • Automated emails triggered on tasks to selected users
  • Track all Projects by both approvals and due dates
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Gamut and ink coverage warnings
  • Industry certified: IdeAlliance and FOGRA

Collaboration Record

Color Management
  • Color accurate cross platform
  • Comprehensive color management from our spectral blending engine
  • Support for ICC profiles and .cxf
  • Import custom spot colors
  • Monitor calibration and profiling included
  • Accurate viewing for up to 24 channels
  • Ambient lighting controls provided
  • Patented color verification for all required role viewers
  • Patented color calibration
On the Press-side
  • Press operator specific role simplifies the user interface
  • Support for multiple displays
  • Supports touch-screen controls
  • Encoder support for automated navigation
  • Hot-folder automation from C-t-P workflows to all presses


Displaying Directory

Job Management Workflow
  • Automated project creation from any workflow
  • Project routing between viewers & groups
  • User definable permissions for various roles and workgroups
  • Branding for clients
  • Client file security
  • Dashboard view shows project activity and "on time" status
  • Audit-able reporting for both viewers and projects

Chinese User interface

Hard-copy proof
  • Print out a hard-copy proof at any location
  • Print to any ICC profiled print driver, without the need for an additional RIP
  • Spectral Blending engine color manages both ICC and spot colors to printer profile



Users who are viewing content and precise color have the following requirements:



Additonal marketing material is available:

Remote Director on Agency

Remote Director on Brands

Remote Director on Printers

Remotr Director on Publishers




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