In this modern world of printing production, we still have to take care of jobs coming through the doors on a regular basis. Most of the jobs are not ready to print, it will require modification.

Smart proof is designed to take care of that in mind, offering a job management solution that will allow a busy print shop to automaticaly check each job coming in, preflight it to make sure it is clean and ready to print without any issues. Keeping track of those jobs that are still pending for action, highlight all the communications between customer, operators and supervisors. Reducing errors and bring a tighter control on daily production.

Job list window One of the key features in SmartProof is the Page comparison function, compare pages between different stages, or compare the original pdf, against the tiff image ready for CTP plate output. Using page view, it is fast and allow preview by page, preview in progressive color, rotation, trimmed page display, a wide range of features that a print shop likes to have.

Besides, it can generate a down sampled composite tiff, or pdfs with watermark for making proofs. Automated comparison will help to increase productivity for job creation and allow, page reject if it is found different to the original.

Book pages Smart Proof is a workflow solution at heart, allowing multiple operators working at the same time. By having the annotation function, it helps to reduce error and clarify instructions between departments. Everything is at a glance, operators can check all the changes on a monitor, saving having to make a printed proof all the time.



  • Simple to use and understand workflow solution.
  • Proof Instantly with content and color accuracy across the web.
  • Pageview function offers viewing in different scale, page scrolling, Tints % and Tac %
  • Progress color display, rotation, trimmed pages.
  • All pages can be compared with the previous version.
  • Unique technology to down sample composite tiff, pdfs and water mark for proofs.
  • Automated process for job creation and page slot assignment, (new)
  • Automated page reject or approve by auto comparison. (new)
  • SSL technology to ensure data safety.
  • Real- time collaboration among logged in users.


Features and Benefits 

Preflighting on the incoming jobs

The problem is that no matter how perfect the source data is, PDF generation itself create errors which can only be detected with sophisticated software. In the lifecycle of an average print job, the prepress department is the first place, where properly configured, allow sophisticated PDF checking to take place.

Smartproof preflight solution attempts to put this back to the right track. It's a configurable, rule-based tool to filter out documents which will surely fail at the press, and corrects errors and makes the file more reliable, compact and robust. Only the printable, error-free files get uploaded to the service provider, saving bandwidth and other precious resources at both ends.

Annotation on clients marked text

Compare changes visually and automatically

Jobs coming into SmartProof can be set to compare automatically, if there is nothing wrong with the changes it will be flagged as OK ; if there is problem from the comparison, it will be flagged for further visual check. This will improve productivity greatly when you have to deal with a job in hundreds of pages.

All changes will be automatically filed as a new version under the same file name. This will help not to lose sight on any changes made to a particular job. Besides all changes made to the job, will also be kept on record.

Adding annotations and comments on the actual job

Picture means a thousand words; Smart proof allows an operator to communicate with editors, and designers where changes have to be made. Adding a comment or annotation helps to clarify matter.

Job approval by authorized personnel

page list for approve and reject Online proofing and approval became main stream in the last few years, mainly because of economic considerations. While the cost of printed proofs getting higher, the cost to produce and deliver them becomes a costly expense. On the other hand, computer display technology has reached a certain level of precision, color-critical decisions can be brought with maximum confidence, it is therefore becomes viable to use online job approval solution to speed up the whole process and keeping the cost down to a minimum level.

SmartProof online approval system, which can present high-resolution, calorimetrically matched, RIPped page data over the Internet using any ordinary PC as a client. Softproofs shown by SmartProof will contain and make visible all rendering problems caused by missing fonts, low-resolution images and color space mismatches. The Printer and his client can work together interactively, both sharing the same screen to understand critical errors, while others from the same client can assess the document and place requests using the multi-level annotation tools.

Approved pages or jobs are automatically released to the workflow, while a messaging system can send immediate mails about activities, or collected digests about events happened through a certain period of time.

Users in the system will be given individual rights and password to enter into the system, to ensure security is maintained throughout. This will allow supervisor or person with certain rights to approve jobs, providing further security in production.

Integration with Compose EWF and other workflow system in the market

view eBook Following the approval with a certain job, this job will automatically go into production. We can allow this to happen automatically, integrating with EWF workflow by hot folder method will allow this work seamlessly. Saving some of the tasks which normally takes several people to accomplish manually. EWF will allow configurable work path to be constructed according to user requirement.

Suitable for all type of printing operation

SmartProof is versatile, it will be ideally suited for Magazine Publishing, Jobbing Printers, packaging and digital printing. The system is designed to take care of multiple pages like a book, or a few pages like a brochure. Jobs coming in can be grouped under a magazine issue, or into a task folder to deal with any jobs. In case of magazine folder, files will be sequentially listed according to the file name, allowing operators to view all the jobs at a glance.

multi client1 Multi user environment

Smart proof is a Multi user environment solution, allows multiple users to access a common data base concurrently, making a busy print shop to handle jobs more efficiently. It can be easily integrated with EWF workflow, extending Smart proof into your production system seamlessly.

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