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When we talk about Velocity, we meant our variable Data Engine – Velocity!

We have Velocity for a couple of years now; it was first designed to meet all the variable data requirement in Label printing. Since then it has grown into envelope printing, as well as Post cards and Greeting cards.

The days we only offered a solution for single sheet, single sided is gone. We can offer layout which designers can build a variable document in multiple pages, variable text, color, and images. We also covered quite extensively on bar codes and QR codes to meet most of today’s market requirement.

We see this variable data engine will be the base for some of our important solutions to come, like the Hang Tag engine, greeting cards printing.

With the industry becoming more adaptive to digital printing, variable data printing will come in all kind of forms. Membership cards, Cinema tickets, and free vouchers along with any online purchases. We plan to offer variable solutions which provide greater flexibility on text and Color, making it easy to integrate with any solutions whether it is online or on print.

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