Book Printing

Book Printing

After working on Express RIP for several years, we have a successful solution to use the RIP to drive a large number of image-setters and, later, the CTP machines. To provide more solutions to sell Express RIP, we came up with an idea to add more automated applications like a workflow to support it. Not only will this increase the productivity of our customers’ production workflow, but it will also help our customers to stand out amongst other competitors.

The direct-to-plate process was quickly replacing the imagesetters, making it more demanding on the prepress front to come up with better working solutions to speed up automation. 

Slowing down of film sales and increasing expectation from customers to raise the automation process, signaled Compose to speed up our development, particularly on book pagination and add new imposing methods for odd jobs in different sizes. The compose development team came out with several products, Book page Imposition, and a job based Plate planning solution; compose called it Plate Controller. Also, at the same time, we see the demand for a proofing solution to reduce wastage of un-detected mistakes during production.

Book imposition

Book pagination was our first product, taking a ripped page and re-positioning it to form an assembled signature for making a plate. A year later, we developed another product, which takes pdf pages to speed up the imposition. We named it pdf-Imposition.

With that firmly on the ground, we worked on another product called Plate Controller, which allows operators to place different sizes of jobs onto a dummy plate, front and back, to help printers to increase their productivity to another higher level.

Today, we have Smart Impose which aims at the digital printing market. Taking advantage of the popular roll-to-roll printing presses quickly available in the market, all expect a short imposition time and limited bookbinding requirements. Smart impose only requires the operator to define the width of the paper and how many pages to print across the width of the paper. We can immediately get the press to start printing on double side. This will make print-on-demand truly possible. Since its launch, Smart Impose has had several updates; it is now possible to print a lot more variations and is closer to being a hybrid solution to offset and digital printing.

Compose’s booking printing solution plans to provide a true workflow concept for printers, covering the ordering process to production planning, and automating most of the printing process to allow the printing process to run seamlessly.

Print runs will become shorter as publishers come to grips with Artificial intelligence. Publications will become much easier to produce, and scheduling for book delivery will be shorter, getting printers to keep their production fully automated is on the increase. We are devoted to helping our customers head in that direction with our development team.

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