When printing color proofs, large format posters or composites that demand top quality color reproduction, choosing a PostScript RIP is as important as choosing the color printer itself. ColorExpress from Compose is the ideal RIP for digital color printing. Based around the high performance Express RIP, ColorExpress offers interfaces for all popular large format inkjet printers and A3+ laser printers.

However, ColorExpress is not just a RIP. With innovative productivity features bundled as standard, an easy-to-use console and powerful color management and screening capabilities, ColorExpress is a comprehensive solution for graphic arts professionals.

ColorExpress has its own user interface

To increase productivity Compose has re-engineered the user interface of the Harlequin RIP to give a clear, intuitive console that simplifies routine RIP operations. The ColorExpress console allows the user to manage and control complex jobs with ease providing advanced job queue management and direct access to the full range of RIP controls and settings.

Simple Queue management

It comes with a simple to use queue management solution, adding a input and ready to print queue, allowing jobs to be imported, re-purposed, re-configured to meet a different print requirement.

Accurate color management

ColorPro together with ColorLogic profiling solution, will help to create a better profile that will meet with industry expectation, device link profile will also help to improve color accuracy and Ink reduction. Harlequin TrapPro will help to overcome color registration problem on most of the Toner based machine.

Media Savings with Compose Pack&Print option.

Designed to increase job throughput and reduce media usage, the Pack&Print option provides easy-to-use tools for ganging up jobs on a defined print area. Jobs can be automatically positioned with Print&Pack’s optimization process or manually placed using drag-and-drop tools and numeric coordinate controls.


The Step-and-Repeat feature facilitates printing of multiple copies of the same job in a pre-defined area.

Page Tiling

The Tiling features lets you handle jobs larger than the printer by slicing them into smaller “tiles”. Overlaps are shown when tiles are printed and the user has control over printing individual tiles.

Page Cropping

The Cropping features lets you print jobs by cropping into a smaller selected area for partial printing.

Drivers for all popular printers

Compose has given ColorExpress the benefits of 20 year’s experience interfacing RIPs to inkjet printers, laser printers and copiers. Through close co-operations with different manufacturers, we individually design drivers for all popular large format inkjets and laser printers ensuring maximum productivity and quality for your printer.

Unique 2-bit screening technology

In addition to Harlequin Dispersed Screening, which is available for use with any color printer, ColorExpress provides 2-bit Screening for even higher quality color reproduction on Epson inkjet printers such as the Stylus Pro 4400, 4800, 4880, 7400, 7600, 7800, 7880, 9400, 9600, 9800, 9880, 10000, 10600 and 11880. These printers are equipped with Epson’s Variable Sized Droplet Technology, which is used by Compose 2-bit Screening to select optimal dot sizes during image processing and improve reproduction of subtle tonal variations.


ColorExpress in other market

Compose has lately been busy in providing different Printing Solutions to satisfy the market requirement. First we have ColorExpress which is a proofing RIP, then we have Label printing solution with iSys label and Bitek with their roll to roll label printing machine.

When Memjet Inkjet Printer comes to market, we also have driver developed for their respective OEMs, offering not only color accurate solution, but also workflow which can help them to overcome Variable Data Printing as well as ganging multiple labels in printing to improve speed and saving on media.

Today we are HP, Epson and Canon preferred wide format inkjet developer, we are also developers for toner based Laser Printer manufacturer, like HP and OKI.

We teamed up with Colorlogic GmbH, to give us the ability to fine tune ICC profile to meet the highest demand from the customers, we also use ColorLogic technology to produce device link profile to optimize and enhance the color accuracy on output.

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