Hang Tag Printing

Hang Tag Printing

Compose offers hang Tag printing through popular demand from customers. We take on this challenge by processing the orders received from print Buyers first. Try to automatically clean up all the irregularities on the order sheet before starting to engage production. The process will highlight or raise questions on any ambiguity found on the order sheet, such as spelling mistakes and abnormal quantities. This cleaning-up procedure will help to reduce any faults in the order and improve productivity. 

Compose also provides a layout tool for building Hang Tag with variable data elements in place. This variable data engine, called Velocity, can be used as a layout tool to construct the tag label, adding all the variable elements according to the design. This process will help ensure everything meets the Print Buyers’ requirements.

The next stage will be the optimization process, which works out the optimum number of layouts for offset printing.  We also have options for customers to choose from: whether it should be printed on a digital press or offset printing.

A High-res file is created for making plates, while a Low-res file is also produced containing packing information as a job report for the filing on this job ticket.

Compose Tag Engine is a highly sophisticated process with great savings on time and material; it is well thought out, meeting most of the day-to-day production by the most demanding label designers. 

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