Hang Tag Printing

Hang Tag Printing


Hang Tag is a unique type of label printing that is commonly used in the garment industry to sell trousers and jackets. A label is stapled onto the product to describe the waist width and length measure, making it easier for the end customers to find the desired size. The clothing factory provides an order spreadsheet that includes the required quantity for each label variation and its design.

Compose offers Hang Tag printing through popular demand from customers. We take on the challenge of processing the orders received from print buyers first. Our first step is to automatically clean up any irregularities on the order sheet to reduce printing errors and improve productivity. This cleaning-up procedure will highlight any ambiguity found on the order sheet, such as spelling mistakes and abnormal quantities.

Compose also provides a layout tool for adding variable data elements on the label. Our variable data engine, called Velocity, can be used to match the design provided by the customer.

The next stage is to work out the optimum number of plates for offset presses to print, using the same die to keep the cost down. We can also arrange the layout for a digital press to print and prepare it for the die cutting process.

A high-resolution file is created for making plates, while a low-resolution file is produced containing packing information as a job report for filing on the job ticket.

Compose’s Tag Engine is a highly sophisticated process that saves time and material. It is well-designed, meeting most of the day-to-day production requirements of the most demanding label designers.


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