Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

- Ideal for Hang Tag, Envelopes, Invitation card printing.

At Compose, we understand Variable Data Printing is part of our life; it has been around for so long that we almost take it for granted, like generating bank statements from our local bank. Labels stuck on the jackets in department stores and airline baggage tags are all printed by variable data tied with a database. This list can be so long that it is hard to see the end of the line.

Why do you need personalised printing? A recent industry study by CAP Ventures shows that personalised printing offers a 36% increase in response rates over traditional direct mailing. The average value of the order is nearly 25% larger and response times are 34% faster. Moreover, personalised printing results in a nearly 48% and 32% rate of repetitive orders and overall revenue, proving that it helps strengthen customer relationships and corporate profit.

You can create short-run but dynamic documents (versioning) with variable data printing. Through versioning, content can be focused closer to your target audience. For example, if your customers can be separated by geographic location, gender or age, then you can provide more related designs, images, or messages to your target audiences.

Compose – Velocity is a powerful yet user-friendly application. It specialises in the variable data printing market, enabling users to merge high-volume personalised data such as text, image and barcode at the printer speed. One unique thing about Velocity is that its performance is independent of the output printers. It supports all the high-speed printers like Xerox, HP Indigo, Oce, Xeikon, Sharp, Ricoh, OKI, Canon and some of the popular Inkjet printers in the market.

With Velocity, we provide you with a layout tool to design and merge database documents easily and efficiently. Making it suitable for producing labels, Hang Tags, commercial documents, personalised cards and marketing materials.

Our variable data engine, Velocity, also comes with a Boolean Script function, allowing users to create variable data elements based on static information and logical decisions. If it is a girl it will choose a Barbie picture. If it is a boy then it will chose a miniature car.

This is why variable data has become an important element for the success of Inkjet printing.

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