Label Printing

Label Printing

Compose offers a Label printing solution based on roll-to-roll printing.  It will support variable data printing through our popular VDP engine – Velocity. Variable data labels will be generated on the fly, making it simple and easy to operate.

Compose also offers an advanced version of label printing by grouping multiple labels together. The selection of the labels depends on the height of the label selected. When the Labels are of the same height, we can set them up side by side as a group to step up the printing process.

Accurate colour and trapping are available as a RIP function of the Compose Express RIP, making sure colour is always consistent from batch to batch. Compose also has an application called Spot Matcher, to identify a matching Color using fast iteration methods. This will ensure any media or spot colour with a background colour can be reproduced in the same colour accurately.

If a die-cutting mould is required, we can generate the mould from the layout using a pre-defined spot colour as the die line.  This will help to generate the die lines accurately and automatically. 

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